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Welcome to the …..

… well, I’m not quite sure where you’re at, or where I’m at for that matter.  What I am sure about is that the internet doesn’t have enough people typing their opinions for all to see.  There appears to be a vacuum of discussion on all things legal and so I hope to be the lone soul out there talking.

As far as I can tell so far, Intellectual Property has been a piecemeal effort over the last one hundred years, adding together new rights and new concepts of what is and should be protected by law.  Most importantly, the ever-expanding area of intellectual property, which shall forever be known here as “IP”, has probably not done enough to ensure that artists work’s are protected and that they get paid.  Perhaps IP has spawned a different approach.

The strict protections that exist throughout the Copyright Act, the Lanham Act (for Trademarks), and the Patent Act have done more–in my incredibly un-humble opinion–to prevent creativity and innovation than the founders ever would have imagined.  There are so many rights wrapped up in the use of any creation now that it has become difficult, if not entirely impossible for average people to create simple things.  If creation is the betterment of a prior idea, then how are we ever to create anything?  Want to use the preceding product in order to make a new and better one ?  Better pay the license fee.  Want to use a picture, chop it up, paint over it, and change it into something mostly new?  Better find the author, and, you guessed it, pay the license fee.  It seems that when lawyers write laws, it creates a situation wherein a lawyer must be consulted simply to avoid the violation of the law.  What a pitty ….

Here’s my thought.  Accessible blogs, and I certainly hope to fall in line here, can be at once informative, explanatory, and thought provoking.  To the point, the should be that way.  My comments here will focus on recent happenings in intellectual property and will frequently focus on those local Texas issues that affect the topic as well.

Beyond everything else, I seek feedback on how we can better the dialogue and grow a community of people who believe that IP can meet a better compromise when the folly of the day is examined more closely.  Thanks for stopping by.  How was that for talking a lot without saying much?


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